Selasa, 21 Maret 2017

where we are?

I never know what you thinking or feeling about
You never ask me, i just here standing on my feet just look at what you did..
I don't know where you are or am i 
We just let this situation flow
We don't know what we have to do
Should i just quite here?
I want you but i doubt with you
What should i do?

You said you love me but what you did hurt me so deep.
You said you want stay but you leave me.
You said you want me but you cheating on me.
What do you real want?
Me or hurting me?

I want moving foward if i could,
But my heart so hard to leave you,
Acctually i can forgive what you DID but i can't forget
I'm so sad because of you
All i know i just love you were
Could you back like was? 
Or you want like this change to who i don't know

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